2013 was my first year attending Cisco Live. I was never a terribly social person and this was only the second IT conference I had attended. I was on Twitter but I rarely posted anything and had only a handful of followers, but I made a point of going to the social media lounge and introducing myself. The conference wasn’t in full swing yet so there were only a few folks in the lounge and they happily welcomed me to the group. To make a long story short, the friends I made hang out in the lounge really made the trip for me.

Knowing from Twitter that there were some fellow Cards Against Humanity aficionados I had brought my Cards Against Humanity deck along. Towards the end of the conference I brought it out and asked if anyone wanted to play. As is typical with the game, ridiculousness followed.

What is Cards Against Humanity?

I’ve heard it described as a highly offensive version of Apples to Apples. The basic flow is the the dealer flips over a black prompt card and everyone else uses their white noun cards to fill the the blank(s). The dealer then decides which they like best and the person who put down the white card gets a point. As I mentioned, this game is offensive, it is not something most people would play with their family, and that’s part of the fun. I’d suggest taking a look at the creator’s site to get a better idea. Cards Against Humanity

What is #CLUS Against Humanity?

#CLUS Against Humanity is an attempt at creating an unofficial tech/CLUS/Twitter themed expansion for the original game. It is a personal project and not sponsored by any company.

As you can see from the picture on the right, proof cards have been printed. I will be making a couple minor refinements to the design, but they’re very close to what will be produced.

How can I contribute?

Glad you asked! I am not really that funny, so we need your suggestions! Use this Google Form to submit card suggestions. Weird and offensive are permitted and encouraged. At this point nothing is off limits. If suggestions include the name or handle of someone attending the conference I may verify they are alright with it.

Can I get a copy of the completed deck?

That’s the plan. I’ll be charging actual cost and shipping, which won’t be determined until I know how many cards will be printed and number of decks. I expect to finalize this in mid-April. Please use the Google Form and select Yes to the final question so I can gauge purchase interest. You don’t have to submit any suggestions if you don’t want to.

Other questions or comments?

Leave a comment here or reach out to me on Twitter, @vCabbage.

Thanks to @WifiJanitor who suggested creating a custom deck and @SFoskett for the use of the FCoTR symbol.